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Undo Send feature in gmail

Gmail allows you to cancel already send emails with `Undo Send` feature. By default, its disable. You can enable `Undo Send` in few steps.

Enable `Undo Send` feature

STEP 1 : Go to `Gmail Settings` by click `Settings`  in the top right . Or visit :

STEP 2 : In `General` tab, scroll down to `Undo Send` section.

STEP 3 : Check `Enable Undo Send` box and choose Send cancellation period with 5s, 10s, 20s, or 30s. ( Example : If you choose 10s, you can undo a sent email in 10s ).

STEP 4 : Click `Save Changes`.

How to undo a sent email in Gmail

When you have composed an email, you will get a notification like image below. Click `Undo` if you want to cancel this email. ( Notifications will be displayed in period times you choose in `Undo Send` feature ).

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