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Gmail Email : Get started !

  1. First of all, you toned to create an account and log into  (Here are tutorials for create gmail account or gmail sign in ). After logged in, your  inbox will be presented.

  2. Check out the categories in your inbox.

    The Gmail interface is consisted of “tabs”, which devideds inbox into specific categories. There are  the primary tab, the social tab and the promotions tab (not including custom ones you might create yourself). Learn more : Organize your emails with tabs
  3. Choose a theme for your inbox
    Check out our guide on how change your Gmail inbox theme, pick a custom theme shared by others, or share your own theme. Learn more : How to change your Gmail background theme

  4. Find your emails

    With efficient searching engines, Gmail lets you find emails precisely and fast.

  5. Organize your emails with labels

    Gmail users may be confused by the labeling feature it provides. Labeling does not function as a a folder, even though sometimes it could be used as a folder. Because you can attach multiple labels in a single conversation, you have far more options. Learn more: Organize your emails with labels

  6. Open & download attachments

    In my e-mail inbox there are documents and photos from my friends. How to open/download them using in gmail?

  7. Undo sending a message

    The Undo feature is heading out of the Labs (Google’s opt-in, add-on, experimental features for Gmail) and will be an option for all Gmail users (via Web, at least).

  8. Manage incoming emails

    Filter your inbox emails like automatically label by creating rules.

  9. Making a video call

    Making a video call on GMail and Google +. You can video call with them from your inbox account by hovering over their name and clicking Video call

  10. Sign in to multiple accounts at once.

    If you use multiple accounts, you can check all your emails in Gmail. Just adding multiple accounts to Gmail. Learn more : Sign in to multiple accounts at once



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