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Google Mail

Gmail, an abbreviation for "Google mail" is a free, Web-based email service, similar to Yahoo Mail or Hotmail that is part of Google's larger suite of Web services. Gmail provides its users 15 gigabytes of free storage. Gmail was first introduced by Google in 2004 and then limited test accounts were made available in 2005. According to Statista, Google's Gmail service has had 900 million active users worldwide (Jan-May, 2015).


Gmail has been increasing in popularity since 2004 with the decline of Yahoo!, AOL, and Hotmail, more and more people are moving to Google's services.

In the past, having a free account made home businesses look unprofessional, but Gmail is different and why many entrepreneurs have switched or include Gmail as one of their email providers. 

Gmail Features

What helps make Gmail unique is the ability to store several gigabytes of e-mail data, which means most users don't have to worry about not getting e-mail due to exceeding their available storage. Another defining trait of the service is that it allows users to be inactive for up to nine months.  Many similar services that require a login at least once every 30 days to keep an account active. Finally, Gmail has one of the best if not the best spam detections available which means almost all spams are filtered into spam folder, so you don't have to read it.

Like many other Google’s services, Google mail has some features as below:

  • Very good spam filtering and virus protection.
  • Generous free mail storage (over 15 GB as of this writing)
  • Access to email via mobile devices.
  • Built-in chat capabilities, 
  • Customizable tabs to help you organize your email inbox,
  • Themes to change the look of Gmail
  • Video calls.
  • Ability to view attachments within the email (as opposed to downloading)
  • Ability to send money. 

Google Mail vs. Gmail

You have certainly heard of Gmail, or received emails from people whose email address ends in "". But you may also have heard of "Google Mail" or encountered an email address ending in ""; are these Google employees' email service? No (these would have an address ending in ""). This tutorial explain the difference between Gmail and Google Mail. Although Google only currently offers email accounts ending in "", it also provides localized versions of the domain ( for the United Kindom). It might start offering country-specific email addresses; but, for now, it's probably just a safety measure to protect its intellectual property and/or prevent spammers from acquiring these domains and using them for phishing and other nefarious purposes!


"Gmail" is the abbreviation of "Google" (the creator of Gmail) and "mail", another word for email. But Google also offers and advertises a "Google Mail" webmail service. This is the first name that was officially picked for Google's free webmail service in 2004. As Gmail grew in popularity, users all around the world started signing up.

Google Mail is exactly the same thing as Gmail, and is only used in some countries where Google ended up not being able to use the word "Gmail" because the name already has been used by other companies for a completely different service. Nonetheless, Google had to find an alternate name under which to offer email addresses in those countries. In brief, Google Mail and Gmail are the same thing, and not a hoax or spammers.



  • Most Gmail users will have an email address ending in ""
  • Gmail users located in countries where Google has faced legal issues about the Gmailname will have an "" email address.
  • Actual Google employees will have an email account ending in ""


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