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Google Apps for Work

The package for companies Google offers a different product for each workplace issue potentiate desired.

- In the field of "Communication", it grouped the four fundamental tools to ensure that all corporate levels receive notifications in a timely manner. We are obviously talking about Gmail , only now in its professional version. That is, e-mail addresses where the company domain appears instead of "@" In addition you will have  access to Hangouts , Calendar and Google +.

- "Storage" section has the versatility of Google Drive. In case you are unaware of this, now you could try this instrument to share documents with your contacts. There is no need to download these contacts directly to your computer, because they are always available in "the Cloud".

- In "Collaborate", there are five applications that will facilitate written work: The word processing, spreadsheets, presentations, surveys and micro internal website creation. These features are named under "Intranet", as only employees or customers within the company have access to that content.

If you do not know the codes to create such page, don’t be disappointed, because Google has predesigned templates, where you can pour the information you need, as its interface works with a word processor is easily understood.

- In the last segment of Google Apps for Work, the tab "Manage" is located.  The "Admin Console" is to support those being responsible for safeguarding company information, setting security parameters if necessary. It determines which devices have access to the database, as well as the number of users are enabled. Also, if there is a problem, there is daily 24 hour assistance. Google finally Vault enables you to export the conversations and messages from your company, for just five dollars per user per month.

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