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How to import gmail contacts

How to import Google Contacts 

STEP 1 : 

Go to Google Contacts, click `More` → `Import` on the left menu, and click `CSV or vCard file`. And then click `Go to Old Contacts`.
Or you can navigate directly to The old version of Google Contacts page.

STEP 2 : Click `More` → `Import` on the top menu , or click `Import Contacts` on the left menu.

STEP 3 : Click `Choose file`. Browse for the CSV file you exported or created and click `Open`. ( Learn more : How to export gmail contacts ) 

STEP 4 : Click `Import` . The importing gmail process will be completed in few moments, and your contacts will appear listed on your Contacts page.

Importing google contacts problems ?

There are some reasons you may have problems when importing your contacts :

  • Importing more than 3000 contacts at once 
    Resolve → Lets split CSV contacts file into multiple CSV files before importing
  • You reached the Google Contacts size limits ( Total contacts: 25,000 - Total storage limit : 20 MB - Maximum contact size: 128 KB - Maximum characters per contact field : 1024 ) 
    Resolve → You can Merge duplicate contactsStop automatically saving Other Contacts or Delete Other Contacts
  • Your importing information formatted in other email providers
  • Importing already contacts in Google Contacts
  • Your import file has non-Latin or ASCII characters.


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