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How to generate or create strong Passwords

Strong password

The strongest passwords look like a random string of characters to attackers. But random strings of characters are hard to remember.

You can therefore, make a random string of characters based on a sentence that is memorable to you, but is difficult for others to guess.

  • Mix uppercase and lowercase letters and numbers. – Introduce intentional misspellings.
  • Substitute some special characters
  • Use symbols that look like letters, combine words, or replace letters with numbers to make the password complex.
  • Make sure it’s at least 8 characters long.


  • Start with a sentence or two 
  • Remove the spaces between the words in the sentence.
  • Turn words into shorthand or intentionally misspell a word.
  • Add length with numbers. Put numbers that are meaningful to you after the sentence.
  • You can also use ASCII characters to make passwords stronger!


  • Avoid sequences or repeated characters.  “12345678,” “222222,” “abcdefg,” or adjacent letters on your keyboard do not make secure passwords.
  • Don’t use any part of your or your wife’s name, birthday, social security number, or similar information for your loved ones.
  • Avoid dictionary words in any language
  • Avoid using only one password for all your accounts
  • Avoid using online storage.


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