Sign in to Gmail - Gmail Android App

Your Android comes with the Gmail app already installed, so logging in will be quick and easy.

STEP 1: Tap the “Gmail” icon to launch Gmail. 

  • If the Google account associated with your Android is the same one you use for Gmail, you should be able to launch the app and reach your inbox without making additional changes.
  • To add a Gmail address that isn’t yet on your phone, continue with this method.

STEP 2: Open the menu, then select “Settings”.

STEP 3: Tap “Add Account”. The “Set up email” screen will appear.

STEP 4 :  Select “Google” and then tap “Next”.

STEP 5: Enter your gmail username,password and then tap “Next. 

You’ll notice a “Forgot password” link beneath the password blank. If you don’t remember your password, tap that link and follow its prompts.

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