How to recover your Gmail username?

With all the things that you could force them to be recorded by your brain, it is very possible and even very likely that at some point (the unexpected ), forget some things, and with great assurance forget in the first place those things that less use your brain give him, and boy is regrettable when something important is what we forget, and that it could be as important as our data email, that would be even more regrettable if our account Gmail is involved.

It is for this reason that Google towards know how important it is for you to have access to your account, gives you quickly how to recover your data. In this case we have decided to explain the how to do if you have forgotten your username is.


In that sense , the first thing is to go to the Gmail page, going to the portal


After being on the home page (where we fill our data)  Need help? And then choose which of the three cases is yours, in this case we would select "I don't know my username ".


Later the system will be prompted to enter either the your recovery email address (chosen when creating the account) or the your recovery phone number. Which are the options you have for Google to authenticate your identity, and this wood or receive mail or an SMS with the user name that suits you, so you can access your account.

If the case has nothing to do with this, but you have trouble accessing your account Gmail, then you can select the option "I can not sign for other reasons" and so the company will help you as soon aspossible their engineers will help in the request.


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