Change your Gmail account password. Quick and easy

Speaking of secrets and passwords, if you chose very fast, and now you think it is easy to remember;or if you have any suspicion that someone has been snooping around your stuff (something as important as your mail); it is best to stop this before it is too late, remember that from your mailbox many things are managed , including including your smartphone and other mobile devices, but also accounts on the web that can become very important.


That is why any doubt or any suspicion, it is best to protect your own expense to all , and so we help you change your password Gmail.


Gmail password change

As you will see below, it is very easy to do and we will help you with this, because if you wonder how I can change the password to my Gmail? Then you are in the right place because here we have everything to help you answer that question very easily .

To change your password, the first thing you do is enter your bandea input of your email.

  1. Click Settings and then click Account and Import
  2. Now select Change Settings Account
  3. And select the option Change Password

Following this a new tab in which you enter will open current password and then enter your new password and confirmation of this course. Finally click " Change Password

Ready! With these simple steps you will have managed to change your password for your email Gmail, and thus you will preserve the integrity not only of your email account, but also the rest of your products and accounts that possess web, because he remembers that from the mail can change passwords and even set up accounts of banks.

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