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"" is the contraction of "Google" (the creator of and "mail", another word for email. But Google also offers and advertises a "Google Mail" webmail service.

Learn to enable `Undo Send` feature and how to undo a sent email in gmail.

Gmail allows you to set up a signature to include in messages you compose. Learn how to add a signature on gmail desktop and gmail app.

When you delete a message, it move to your Trash. After 30 days,it will be permanently deleted and can't be recovered. Learn to delete or undeleted messages here !

Gmail Desktop notifications is only available in Google Chrome. You can easy turn on / turn of it with a few steps.

There are some gmail extensions very useful in Gmail. All to improve use of this postal service.

Learn to import a contact lists in other email accounts into Google Contacts ( Gmail contacts )

If you want to back up your Google Contacts or import them into another email account, you can export your contacts as a CSV or vCard format.

Learn how to set up your Gmail account on other mail clients, plus how to access Gmail on iphone or ipad.

Your Android comes with the Gmail app already installed, so logging in will be quick and easy.

You can make further modifications to these inbox styles through your Gmail options that are located in the gear icon under the menu item “mail settings”. All you need to do from there is head over to the “Inbox” tab. votes. 4.11 / 5